Like a frequent gambler running out his credit line, the federal government spends more than it takes in, and borrows even more to pay its obligations. Medicare costs are exploding and Social Security is projected to be bankrupt by 2033. This unsustainable trajectory threatens our economic recovery. We must regain control of our budget and reduce our debt—passing it on to our children and grandchildren is irresponsible. We must look long-term to truly reforming these safety net programs, protecting them for our seniors and preserving them for the next generation.

Randy has a proven record of demonstrating fiscal responsibility and taking strong stands against Washington’s reckless spending habits. He has voted consistently to eliminate wasteful spending and duplicative government programs that threaten the American dream for future generations. He has remained vigilant in protecting the pockets of hardworking taxpayers and scrutinizing every penny Washington spends.

Advocating for the federal government to adopt serious budget constraint tools, such as the Budget Control Act and adopting zero-based budgeting

Supported decisive spending cuts while upholding his promise to strengthen and preserve Social Security and Medicare to those 55 and older

Fighting against Washington’s “government-by-crisis” model by opposing government funding bills that have done little or nothing in addressing our nation’s debt

Pushed for a balanced budget amendment and supported the balanced budget agreement that cut over $85 billion from the federal budget

Randy believes our tax system should be fair, simple and transparent. When middle class paychecks are being stretched to the breaking point, Randy believes American families should be able to keep more of their hard-earned dollars, especially when the federal government unwisely spends way more than it collects each year. We need meaningful reform of our tax code that frees businesses to expand production, hire more workers and unchains individuals from burdensome and confusing paperwork. Further, the IRS has shown a reckless abuse of power in harassing American citizens and Randy believes it must be reined in and held accountable.

Americans have to spend within a budget every month, and in Washington, Randy has fought to make sure the federal government does the same. The last thing Americans need in these tough times is a fiscally irresponsible government taking away any more of their income to support its habit of overspending.

Fought to permanently repeal the estate tax so families can pass on their legacy without the fear of crippling, duplicative taxes that often force small family businesses to sell-off land and valuables just to pay the bill

Defended Americans’ first amendment rights against an irresponsible Internal Revenue Service found to be targeting individuals based on their political beliefs

Voted to permanently ban taxes on Internet access, ensuring low income and middle class Americans have stable access to vital communication and job-searching tools

Led bipartisan efforts to preserve municipal tax credits – a significant low-cost means of financing critical infrastructure and capital improvement projects for local towns and communities

Protected small businesses from facing onerous tax mandates in Obamacare, including the 1099 reporting mandate that required all businesses to issue 1099 tax forms to any individual or corporation from which they purchased more than $600 in goods or services in a tax year

As a member of the House Financial Services Committee, Randy has been a champion for ending taxpayer bailouts and restoring America’s free enterprise system. The burden of the 2008 financial crisis has fallen heavily on the backs of hardworking Americans who play by the rules but have been saddled with regulations means for too-big-to-fail institutions.

Randy recognizes that community banks are pillars in our hometowns—giving vital credit and tools to homeowners and businesses to achieve the American Dream. Unfortunately, Dodd-Frank has placed on them a one-size fits all regulatory approach to lending. Through his work on the House Financial Services Committee, Randy has worked hard to reverse these burdensome regulations and protect these vital institutions.

Co-sponsored legislation that would ease Dodd-Frank’s regulatory burden on community banks and credit unions, which are a lifeline of credit for Illinois farmers and rural communities

Advocated for a relationship-lending model, where community banks extend credit not solely through the lens of credit scores and history, but making decisions informed by the knowledge they have from working on the ground in their communities