Families are the backbone of our country—a stable family means a stable society. While in Congress, Randy has supported numerous pieces of legislation to protect life and the autonomy of the family, defend the most vulnerable, and uphold the rights of parents to educate their children in the home without fear of government interference.

Randy knows America was founded on the principle of religious liberty for all. He believes all Americans should be able to practice what they believe, regardless of faith, and has opposed any efforts by the federal government to pay for abortion-inducing drugs or procedures that violate their consciences. A thriving society celebrates and protects life at all stages.

Defended individual’s religious freedoms and their first amendment rights, advocating for the Health Care Conscience Rights Act, reining in the IRS’ unlawful targeting of American citizens and supporting the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCRIF)

A leader in Washington on fighting Human Trafficking and has been appointed to the Congressional Human Trafficking Task Force by U.S. House of Representatives Leadership

Combated heroin and opiate abuse in Illinois and across the country, convening community leaders together and developing a community action plan to combat this epidemic

Earned a 100% pro-life voting record from the National Right to Life Committee

Social Security and Medicare are vital safety net programs that our seniors count on. However, it is no secret that Medicare costs are exploding and Social Security is projected to be bankrupt by 2033. We must look to long-term reforms that will protect these programs for our seniors and preserve them for future generations. When Randy was elected in 2010, he promised to not support any cuts to Social Security or Medicare for those 55 and older and has maintained that promise.

Upheld promise to preserve Social Security or Medicare to those 55 and older

Advocated for measures that would require the president to submit a plan for restoring fiscal balance to the Social Security Trust Fund

Fought against Obamacare’s drastic gutting of Medicare by $700 billion

Advocated and passed a bipartisan, long-term fix to Medicare’s sustainable growth rate to strengthen and preserve this program for our seniors

We owe a great debt to our service men and women. They sacrificed much to provide opportunities for generations to come, and it’s because of their service that we can enjoy the freedoms we do today. It is our duty to ensure they receive the utmost respect and care they deserve. Randy is committed to holding the Department of Veterans Affairs accountable and has been working in Washington to ensure our veterans receive timely and high quality health care, as well as education and employment opportunities here at home. 


Supported legislation for veterans to receive private care if they live more than 40 miles from a VA facility or aren’t seen by a physician within 30 days of requesting an appointment.

Co-sponsored the Hire More Heroes Act of 2013 that encourages businesses to hire veterans by providing relief from the onerous employer mandate in the Affordable Care Act

Supported legislation that improves veterans access to education and employment programs 

Developed strategies during community veterans’ roundtables to address delays in VA benefits, challenges assimilating to civilian life, employment opportunities and more

Our education system in Illinois is in peril as hundreds of schools are failing and more high school students are dropping out before graduation. While several solutions have been proposed to address this problem, the national Common Core State Standards in English and math threaten local control over education and impose a one-size-fits-all approach on our children’s education – treating ever student as a widget and not allowing teachers to do what they do best.  Excessive testing and assessments are having deleterious effects on our students and costing our local schools millions of dollars that they don’t have and that could be better spent. Parents and teachers know the children best and should have the freedom to decide what’s best for their education—without federal intrusion. 

Conducted extensive fact-finding effort with parents, educators, local officials and community leaders to identify challenges and provide solutions to better our education system

Hosted a community summit on Common Core Curriculum Standards to hear all sides of the controversial issue and advocated for pushing the pause button on Common Core at both the state and federal levels and returning control of our children’s education to the parents and teachers

Launched the Higher Education Advisory Committee comprised of community college presidents serving the 14th District to develop workforce and training solutions for students in high school and beyond to ensure they possess the needed skills and knowledge to enter the workforce

Championed science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, proudly serving as a co-chair of the bipartisan House STEM Education Caucus and co-chair of the bipartisan House Science and National Labs Caucus he has hosted a variety of STEM-focused events in the district to give students and parents a hands on experience with technology; events include promoting and participating in the “Hour of Code” initiative, hosting a ‘hackathon’ at Fermilab to promote the House App Contest and supporting local GotRobot robotics team as it competed at the local and state level  

Our nation is one of immigrants. Randy’s great-grandparents came from Sweden to find opportunities our great nation had to offer, but it’s sad to see how broken our system has become in the last few decades. Immigration reform is not a race; it’s about getting it right. Randy believes we should examine reform piece by piece—it’s too complex and important not to examine each and every issue.

To properly fix the problems within our immigration system, Randy proposes we:

  1. Secure the border by ensuring our law enforcement forces have the latest technologies and officers available. We must learn from the mistakes of neglecting to properly implement a biometric entry-exit system
  2. Enforce immigration law at home by ensuring businesses use electronic systems to verify legal status of potential hires.
  3. Update our visa system to address agricultural and high-skilled workers, and ensure we support the family as the best social safety net. Breaking down the family creates dependents of the federal government. We should welcome productive members of society who go through the legal process to obtain proper status.

Advocated against amnesty in support of people following the law for their pathway to citizenship

Co-sponsored reform for the high-skilled immigration visa system that seeks to expand the number of visas for high skilled workers allowing for American employers to hire the workers with the science and technology background they need