Small businesses are a driving force of our economy, providing millions of jobs in Illinois. If each small business in Illinois could hire just one more employee, we would solve unemployment. But far too often, our business owners worry about complying with ineffective and inefficient regulations and a complicated and burdensome tax code. Locally, policies in Springfield have made the state even more inhospitable to businesses, which employ Illinois workers, and our neighboring states are more than happy to capitalize on it. Illinois entrepreneurs shouldn’t be penalized for their success with yet higher taxes from a state that can’t handle its own finances. Our job creators need room to grow—a comprehensive solution that addresses regulation, tax reform, innovation, transportation and other economic drivers.

Growing up in a small, family-run business Randy knows first-hand the heart and sweat that business owners and their employees alike pour into their work. He believes they should be rewarded for their work ethic and productivity instead of having to play defense against the federal government. Throughout his time in Congress, he has remained committed to empowering Illinois small businesses through fostering pro-growth policies, simplifying their tax obligations and unshackling them from bureaucrats’ excessive regulations. Businesses should be free to flourish and focus on what they do best, paving the way for Main Street to champion our road to economic recovery.

Opposed the President’s Affordable Health Care Act’s burdensome mandates on individuals and businesses and supported viable alternatives for strengthening market-oriented reform

Opened new foreign markets for Illinois goods through support for trade agreements with Panama, Columbia and South Korea

Supported bipartisan, bicameral legislation signed by the President to reform federal workforce training programs to allow local workforce boards to better match available jobs with workers, and identifying the skills and knowledge needed to fills those jobs

Launched his Higher Education Advisory Committee, comprised of the presidents of community colleges that serve the 14th District, to identify and address the barriers that are getting in the way of our citizens gaining knowledge and skills needed for gainful employment in our communities

Applauded for his commitment to free enterprise and Main Street businesses by the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Retail Federation, National Association of Manufacturers, National Federation of Independent Business and International Foodservice Distributors Association, among others

America’s manufacturing base has long been a foundation of our economy, adding more than 500,000 American jobs since 2010 despite a slow recovery. As home to many of the nation’s leading advanced manufacturers, Illinois is undergoing a manufacturing renaissance. Illinois manufacturers alone account for employing 570,000 workers directly – 27,000 of which are in the 14th District. Randy is committed to revitalizing American manufacturing in Illinois and across the country – reaching across the aisle to ensure they have the tools and skilled workers necessary to compete in today’s global marketplace. 

Modernized tax policies governing manufacturing bonds to incentivize manufacturers to expand and hire workers through the introduction of H.R. 5319, the Modernizing American Manufacturing Bonds Act (MAMBA) of 2014

Championed the creation of a new Digital Lab for Manufacturing in Illinois, a first-of-its-kind hub that will ensure Illinois remains a center for innovation and job creation

Bolstered manufacturing technologies and innovation together with his colleagues on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee through the bipartisan H.R. 2996, the Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation (RAMI) Act of 2013

Honored by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) with the Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence for his dedication to policies that promote growth and innovation to keep our nation globally competitive

Randy believes our tax system should be fair, simple and transparent. When middle class paychecks are being stretched to the breaking point, Randy believes American families should be able to keep more of their hard-earned dollars, especially when the federal government unwisely spends way more than it collects each year. We need meaningful reform of our tax code that frees businesses to expand production, hire more workers and unchains individuals from burdensome and confusing paperwork. Further, the IRS has shown a reckless abuse of power in harassing American citizens and Randy believes it must be reined in and held accountable.

Americans have to spend within a budget every month, and in Washington, Randy has fought to make sure the federal government does the same. The last thing Americans need in these tough times is a fiscally irresponsible government taking away any more of their income to support its habit of overspending.

Fought to permanently repeal the estate tax so families can pass on their legacy without the fear of crippling, duplicative taxes that often force small family businesses to sell-off land and valuables just to pay the bill

Defended Americans’ first amendment rights against an irresponsible Internal Revenue Service found to be targeting individuals based on their political beliefs

Voted to permanently ban taxes on Internet access, ensuring low income and middle class Americans have stable access to vital communication and job-searching tools

Led bipartisan efforts to preserve municipal tax credits – a significant low-cost means of financing critical infrastructure and capital improvement projects for local towns and communities

Protected small businesses from facing onerous tax mandates in Obamacare, including the 1099 reporting mandate that required all businesses to issue 1099 tax forms to any individual or corporation from which they purchased more than $600 in goods or services in a tax year